GIST IN THE CONDO – Marriage is no longer a necessity (EP 9)

GIST IN THE CONDO – Marriage is no longer a necessity (EP 9)

Marriage is the beginning of the family and is a life-long commitment. It also provides an opportunity to grow in selflessness as you serve your wife and children. Marriage is more than a physical union; it is also a spiritual and emotional union.

This union mirrors the one between God and His Church. But with the emergence of feministic ideals some people have proven otherwise, why? To some, they have the luxury of not needing someone to ‘look after’ them anymore. No longer do parents need to worry about having a girl and getting her married off to ensure she has a good life. Women work, women drive, women do things without the dependence of a man.

This is great, no this is fantastic. No longer do we need to get married to ensure we have a good quality of life. There is no financial pressure on men as well to ensure they have enough money to provide for their whole family. Is this a Win win? Let’s find out in this episode

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